About POSA

We believe that proof of stake technologies will underpin the successful future of the internet of value. We seek to create the conditions that will allow staking to flourish through wider adoption. We fulfill our mission by:

Bringing legal and regulatory clarity to proof of stake technology.

Clear, informed rules of the road will better protect consumers and technologists, and further promote innovation.

Fostering collaboration and consensus among industry stakeholders.

We educate policymakers and the broader public to develop and drive meaningful policy proposals to nurture adoption and clear a path for future innovations.

Advocating for further adoption of proof of stake technology.

Advocacy promotes and supports decentralized networks, improves their scalability, and provides more responsible infrastructure for the modern internet.

Solving Key Issues

Regulatory Uncertainty

There is limited legal and regulatory guidance for proof of stake networks. This hurts adoption, stunts economic growth, and diminishes innovative solutions. We need greater policy leadership and new regulatory frameworks for these networks to reach their full potential. For example, POSA has led the way in educating and advocating for fair tax treatment of staking rewards in the U.S.

Lack of Awareness

Proof of stake networks are still very new. Policymakers, regulators, and the broader public have limited knowledge about their operation, value proposition, and how they differ from other parts of the crypto and blockchain ecosystem. We educate policymakers and regulators about the benefits of staking. This ensures we receive the proper regulatory treatment to nurture growth of the proof of stake ecosystem.

Industry Consensus

The proof of stake community needs collaboration to develop a singular message and industry best practices to support staking technologies’ adoption. We’re working across industry to develop cohesive standards to streamline the NYDFS’ “green listed assets” process.