About POSA

What is POSA?

POSA is an action-oriented industry alliance advocating for forward-thinking, innovation-friendly regulation of the growing proof-of-stake industry. We bring together industry leaders and legal experts to amplify the voices of proof-of-stake protocols, educate lawmakers about this emerging technology, and fight for fair regulation that allows the industry to flourish.

Who We Are

POSA incorporates the perspectives of all stakeholders in the proof of stake industry – including technology platforms, cutting edge financial institutions, and blockchain-specific law firms – to foster conversation and collaboration across the ecosystem and ultimately advocate for our field. Our Board of Directors is composed of top business leaders and legal advocates who have deep experience in proof-of-stake-based technology and spearhead our campaigns to fight for our growing industry.

Why Support POSA?

We’re the only alliance advocating exclusively for the proof-of-stake space, and our action-oriented organization boasts a track record of success in fighting for proof-of-stake interests. Our team does more than just research and develop policy priorities – we turn ideas into tangible legislative and judicial outcomes that will benefit the whole industry.