Tax treatment of staking rewards

We’re beginning by advocating for better tax treatment of staking rewards. These issues must be dealt with before the effects of poor policymaking are felt – and paid for – by users and the staking community. As tax issues continue to impact the industry, POSA will be at the forefront of addressing them with policymakers.

Learn more about our actions to advocate for better tax treatment of staking rewards:

KYC/AML requirements

We’re working with regulators and outside experts across the globe to ensure proof of stake networks are treated fairly and that our shared goals of providing greater financial inclusion and protecting the financial system are realized. This includes ensuring technically proper definitions for virtual assets to ensure clarity of what is covered.

Comprehensive cryptoasset regulation

We’re working with policymakers and industry partners to ensure fair, comprehensive, and consistent treatment of proof of stake technologies, no matter the jurisdiction. We’re working with NYDFS to broaden the scope of “green listed assets” under their current guidance, with European authorities on MiCAR, and on standing securities laws issues in the U.S.

Preserving decentralized, open blockchains

Open blockchains represent the next generation of the internet and financial infrastructure. We are working with stakeholders to inform and protect their development and support their ability to provide greater financial and economic inclusion powered by these fast and open networks.