POSA was formed to promote the greater education of Proof of Stake (PoS) technology through collaboration and dialogue among stakeholders.

POSA’s primary objective is to bring legal and regulatory clarity to the PoS industry. We believe that is among the most critical and high impact initiatives that our members can collaborate on, which will positively impact the health and success of the industry.

Our Mission

  • Bring legal and regulatory clarity to Proof of Stake (PoS) technology to better protect consumers, technologists and further promote innovation in the United States.

  • Foster collaboration among participants that utilize or interact with PoS technology in order to educate regulators, stimulate dialogue across constituents and stakeholders, evangelize PoS, and clarify legal and regulatory frameworks.

  • Increase the adoption of PoS which will (i) promote and enable decentralization of networks (as it lowers the barriers to entry relative to PoW), (ii) improve scalability of networks, and (iii) reduce energy consumption.


  1. Uncertainty

    PoS networks are beginning to come online and there is no specific guidance around how these protocols will be governed from a legal, tax and regulatory standpoint.  Additionally, it’s not effective for networks and stakeholders to rely on PoW regulation which is materially different than PoS. PoS should be subject to new frameworks and regulation.

  2. Lack of Education

    Regulators and policymakers have limited knowledge regarding PoS and the benefits from both a technological and environmental standpoint relative to Proof of Work (PoW). Our core principle is to educate and have an active dialogue with regulators.

  3. Roadblocks to Adoption

Lack of legal and tax clarity are roadblocks to mainstream adoption of PoS. It is essential to engage in active and transparent dialogue in order to draft sensible policies that further promote and not deter innovation in the United States.