Staking the Future

The Proof of Stake Alliance serves as a unified voice to support, grow and protect proof of stake-based technologies and innovations that will power the next generation of the internet.


POSA considers the taxation of newly created “reward” tokens an issue of immense practical and economic importance. Treating new tokens as stakers’ immediately taxable income is wrong, unfair, and would hinder innovation. POSA supports the recently filed lawsuit against the IRS that argues newly created tokens cannot be taxed as income. Read POSA’s primer on this tax issue here. Read the complaint filed in the lawsuit here

POSA is active on other important issues as well. We’re working with policymakers and industry partners to ensure fair, comprehensive, and consistent treatment of proof of stake technologies, no matter the jurisdiction. Learn more about POSA’s initiatives, including the recently released Research Report on Tax Code 6050I and Digital Assets, and get involved here.

Our Mission

We believe that proof of stake technologies will underpin the successful future of the internet of value. We seek to create the conditions that will allow staking to flourish through wider adoption. We fulfill our mission by:

Bringing legal and regulatory clarity to proof of stake technology.

Fostering collaboration and consensus among industry stakeholders.

Advocating for further adoption of proof of stake technology.